Dancing With Elvis Book Reviews

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“With its quirky individuality and passionate humanity, this is an unforgettable picture of this time, place and girl.”


“Fifteen-year old Frankilee Baxter…. and her do gooder mother rescue Angel Musseldorf from an abusive home.  Angel moves in, creating tension between Frankilee’s parents, costing them money, and causing plain Frankilee no end of angst and jealousy…Stephenson set this ambitious first novel …. against complicated questions of black-white relationships during the early days of school integration… This debut won’t easily be forgotten.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Voice and characterization are superb, with many scenes that beg to be read aloud.”

Friedel on March 8, 2007

An appropriate story for female teenagers. A good example of very common issues and emotions that many high school girls deal with. A little bit old fashioned so some older women would enjoy this read to bring back memories from their own childhoods.

Karen J. Martin on March 7, 2013

I just loved this book! It was quirky, funny and just a great, quick read! I can’t wait to read the just-released sequel, “The Southern Chapter of the Big Girls Panties Club”!