Still Marching On Reading Guide

1. What do you think is the meaning of the title? What does it imply?

2. This book is the third in a series: Dancing with Elvis, The Southern Chapter of the Big Girl Panties Club, and Still Marching On. Would you call this book a coming-of-age novel, an adventure novel, a love story or something else?

3. Frankilee Baxter is living at a time in American history when Jim Crow laws were strictly enforced in the South. What were those laws, either written or unwritten?

4. Does Frankilee follow the accepted Southern Christian values of the time? What part does religion play in her decisions and her relationships?

5. Describe Frankilee’s friendship with Eleanor Wilson. Does she ever take advantage of it?  Why do you think she is determined to have Eleanor participate in her wedding?

6. What part do the Georgias play in the story? Do they have any purpose other than providing comedy?

7. Are the clashes between Frankilee and the Dean of Women inevitable? Why do you think Dean Montgomery disapproves of Frankilee?

8. The theme of the loss of virginity has been popular since the earliest novels were written centuries ago. Fictional girls who have lost their virginity have been the source of both humor and tragedy.  Is this still a viable topic?

9. Consider Frankilee’s friendship with both Eleanor and Wanita. Of the three, who is most realistic? …loving? …fair?  Who is the least?

10. Before reading this book, were you aware of the Freedom Riders?  What impact did they have?

11. Have you been aware of the March on Washington in 1963?  Would you have participated?  Why or why not?

12. How has the death of Calvin’s brother impacted his parents? Do Mr. and Mrs. Morris share the same opinion of Frankilee? Are Calvin’s parents equally likeable?  Does either of them change?